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Boy Scout knives have been around almost as long as the BSA itself. The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910, and one year later, the first official BSA knife appeared on the landscape.

Since that humble beginning, hundreds of different varieties of official BSA knives have been on the market. BSA knives have always been quality knives. Some were versions of regular production knives with the BSA shield added to the handle, or the BSA etching added to the main blade. Some were designed specifically for the BSA. In all cases, they have been the highest caliber available for that style of knife.
Up until 2007, all Boy Scout knives were made by well-known American companies, such as Camillus, Schrade, Remington, Imperial, and Ulster. When Camillus closed its production line, the BSA followed a trend that had been developing for a few years, and began having most of their knives made in China, in factories unknown to the Boy Scouts in America. These Chinese knives are marked merely "China".
There are several excellent books on Boy Scout knives available, notably the Joseph Kerr book "600 Scout Knives", and the Ed Holbrook work "Official Scout Knives". Both texts are excellent guides to the Boy Scout knives you're most likely to encounter.
This online collection is by no means comparable to the works of these two authors, nor is it intended to be. I do hope, though, that it will provide an easily accessible, accurate guide to the Scout knives you are most likely to find available today.
If a photograph was provided by one of our readers, credit will be given with the photograph. Information provided by others will also be credited, when the origin is known.
Hopefully, with the help of Scouters and collectors around the nation, this site will be a reliable reference to all Boy Scout knives.

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