Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. Official BSA knives from 1933-1940. These four models were known as Whitt-L-Craft knives.

CATC4A, BSA #1087 Four blades: Main, combo flat blade/cap lifter, awl, small blade. Bone handle, 3 7/16" closed. No shackle, smooth bolsters, shield is octagon shaped. Notch in shield side handle for pin on cap lifter blade to rest. Manufactured 1933-1940.

CATC4B, BSA #1087 Same as CARC4A, but with shackle added to end opposite the main blade. Manufactured 1933-1940.


CATC4B:  Mint example with original box.  (Courtesy of Ron Fish) 

CATW3A, BSA #1122 Three blades: Main, small clip, and an awl on the opposite end. Octagon shaped shield, bone handles, 3 7/16" length closed. No shackle, smooth bolsters. Manufactured 1933-1940.


CATW3A: Whitt-L-Craft three blade knife by Cattaraugus. (Courtesy Johnnie Fain)

CATW3B, BSA #1122 Same as CATW3B, but with shackle added to end opposite main blade.