Kershaw Knives, a Portland, Oregon company, began in 1974.  Today it is owned by the Japanese company KAI Group.

 KERL1A, Kershaw Model 3120.  Green textured handles, thought to have slightly smaller dimensions than the standardKershaw Black Gulch model.  Made in Japan. Some were stamped "Black Gulch" on the tang, some were not.

KERL1A Lockback Knife, Black Gulch tang

KERL1A: This one purchased at Camp Meriwether in 1988. Note "Black Gulch" on tang. (Courtesy Tim Kniser)

KERL1A with no Black Gulch on tang

KERL1A: This one purchased at St. Louis Council Office (Courtesy Ronald Schubert)

KERL1A tang closeup

KERL1A: Note absence of "Black Gulch" on tang. (Courtesy Ronald Schubert)

KERL1A tang with model number and "Japan"

KERL1A: Reverse of Schubert's knife showing country and model number (Courtesy Ronald Schubert)