Landers, Frary, and Clark

Landers, Frary, and Clark (L, F & C) This company began in 1853 as Landers & Smith Manufacturing Company, and in 1862 became known as Landers, Frary & Clark. They were in New Britain, Connecticut, and made Boy Scout knives for only nine years. They made a lengthy list of household products, and closed its doors for the last time in 1965.

LANC4A, BSA #1585, Kerr #LFC02BR, Holbrook L1  3 3/4" long knife. Black handles, lined bolsters, permanently attached shackle. Shackle end has two tools, an awl, and a one piece can opener. Opposite end has a main blade with short nick, and a combo flat blade screwdriver/cap lifter. Shield device is shaped like a badge, with a First Class emblem. Shield side scale has a notch for the can opener pull. LFC# 04666. Manufactured 1931-1939.



LANC4A: Four blades, lined bolsters, one-piece can opener on shackle end. (Photos courtesy of Thomas Linton)

LANC4B, BSA #1586 Black, celluloid handles. Closed length 3 3/8". Four blades: Main blade, screwdriver/cap lifter combo, can opener, and leather punch (awl). Bolsters are smooth, and there is a permanently mounted bolster on the end opposite the shield end. the shield side has a notch in the handle for the can opener pull to rest. LFC# 04667. Manufactured 1931-1939.

L2 LF&C Knife

LANC4B: LF&C Knife shown full length

LFC Shield
LANC4B: LF&C Shield

LANC4B: Tang stamp showing "Universal" marking

LANC2A, BSA #N/A 3 1/2" long, black composition handles, smooth bolsters. Permanently attached shackle. Bolster on shackle end is shorter than the other bolster. The two blades are a main blade with short nail nick, and a combination flat blade screwdriver/cap lifter. LCF# 02668. Manufactured 1931-1933.

LANC3A, BSA #1564 3 1/2" long knife, black composite handles, three blades. No shackle. Shield end has two blades, one main with short nick, and one combination flat blade screwdriver/cap lifter. Opposite end has a one piece can opener. Shield scale has a notch for the vertical pull on the can opener. LFC# 03669. Manufactured 1934-1039.

LANC3B, BSA #1564 Same knife as the LANC3A, but with a removable belt shackle.