The PAL Blade Co. started making official Boy Scout knives in 1941, having purchased the toolings that had been retired when Remington got out of the knife business. PAL's purchase of Remington;s knife oeprations happended January 17, 1941 (according to Thomas Linton).  PAL shut down their Scout knife operations in 1942. The Remington toolings were eventually sold to Camillus, and after Camillus shut down in 2007, the toolings ended up at Bear MGC. Because PAL was using the Remington toolings, dies, and parts, PAL knives show up with many variations, etchings, and tang stamps. PAL made one basic four blade knife, the pALC4A, and all other four blade knives are varieties of that knife. The three blade knife, PALC3A, is the only other knife design PAL had.
PALC3A, BSA#1493 This is the only three blade Scout knife made by PAL. 3 1/2" long knife, smooth bolsters, round shield, bone scales. Manufactured 1941-1942.

PALC4A, BSA #1495. Kerr #PAL02BR, HOLBROOK #P1.    3 3/4" long knife, four blades, round shield, two piece can opener, bone scales, permanent shackle. Kerr desribes the scales as "strawberry bone". Shackle end has an awl and can opener. Shield end has main blade and combination flat blade screwdriver/cap lifter. Manufactured 1941-1942.


PALC4A: Four blades, round shield, two-piece can opener. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Thomas Linton)  

PALC4B, BSA #1495 This is the same knife as the PALC4A, the only difference is this variety has "Remington" as the tang stamp.
PALC4C, BSA #1495 This is the same knife as the PALC3A, but with black plastic handles. Manufactured 1942.
PALC4D, BSA #1495 Same as the PALC3A, except with a one piece can opener and black plastic handles. Manufactured 1942.
PALC4E, BSA #1495 Same as the PALC3A, but with black plastic handles, one piece can opener, and iron bolsters and shield. Manufactured 1942.