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Some time ago I developed a real affection for Boy Scout knives. I've been in Scouting for almost 20 years, but only received my first real Boy Scout knife as an adult. Since that first one, I've become fascinated with the history of these bits of Boy Scout memorabilia.

I think the thing that has surprised me the most is the absence of orderly information on these knives. There are a couple of books on the subject of Boy Scout knives, but no real concerted effort on the part of the Scouting community as a whole to compile the history of these knives and related BSA memorabilia.



So, I created ScoutKnives.Net. This is an attempt to compile a complete history of Boy Scout knives, axes, and cutlery. As this site begins, there's more missing than present, but I hope the Scouting community will come together and make contributions to this effort.

Knives are arranged by name brand, and each item is given a unique designation that will identify it. Scout knife collectors are encouraged to contribute to the collection, and share what they know with others. We need photos, production information, knife descriptions, and anything else you can contribute to the cause. Please visit the forums and start a discussion on your area of interest. All contributors will be credited fro what they have added to the body of knowledge.

Hopefully, with your help, and a little time, we'll get the holes filled in, and have a free, online reference we can all use.

If you'd like to submit articles for this site, drop a note using the contact link on the left.

If you'd like to post in the forums, please register.

We hope you find this site useful.


This website is neither owned nor operated by the Boy Scouts of America, nor connected with the BSA in any way. We do admire the BSA's values and traditions, which have held strong and served our nation well since 1910.

Scouting builds good citizens.

Scouting rocks.

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